Small Groups engaged in spiritual growth and fellowship

Sankofa Circles 

At St. Bartholomew’s, our small group ministry – “Sankofa Circles” – provides an opportunity to discuss the sermon and Bible readings from the previous Sunday, pray, and share fellowship. We take some time to talk about our joys and challenges, deepen existing friendships, and create new bonds.

Our symbol is the Sankofa Bird, a West African image of a bird looking back while holding an egg in its beak. The Sankofa Bird represents moving into the future while respecting and cherishing the past. Our Sankofa Circles are akin to the “house churches” where early Christians gathered.

Groups meet on various schedules, either in-person or online. Contact Maggie Caldwell, Parish Administrator, for more information. If you have any questions, please talk to Thelma Smullen.